Friday, October 22, 2010

Some Philosophies on Life

Another day has passed. La- de-freaking-dah. was anyone else disappointed with how mundane their existence truly is? I mean seriously. I wake up, try to eat my freaking eggo but I have to fight off ninjas the whole time, I'm all like "leggo my eggo!!" and they are just screaming at me in their crazy sing song language, then I have to saddle my elephant so I can go to school but he always just wants to play fetch, then my boyfriend Moroni (that's Captain Moroni to you) just wants me to go and be translated, but I ain't got time to be twinkled~ I am in organic chemistry, afterall. Then after lunch I'm with FBI operatives all day and then I finally get to go home to my secret lair I bought from Batman.... *

*events in this story may be grossly exaggerated and/or entirely fictional.

Actually, I don't eat breakfast, ninjas avoid me like the plague, I don't have an elephant- I only have a bike- I am very, very single... No one meets with me after lunch, and I don't have a secret lair, I only have a ghetto fabulous apartment. I do however, have organic chemistry.

oh organic chemistry... I just had my second midterm at 7:30 on Monday morning, thats right, as in AM.I secretly enjoyed it~ I think I may need to check myself into a mental institution immediately. there is no way a sane individual would like her midterm.I guess I just like to destroy all things normal.Speaking of how much I love science, I found this delightful picture of Einstein for you. I'm in love. my favorite part (besides that big beautiful exterior, mind you) is the E=mc^2 tattoo. meeeeeeeeoooooooow.I cannot even tell you how greatly my heart delights in books of scientific theory and interactive periodic tables.

Something horrific happened to me on Sunday. Someone from school did not recognize me at church. I mean okay.... I understand that I am not portrayed in the best light in the school setting, but do you have class at 7:30 in the morning? are you taking 18 credit hours? do you not care about your external appearance? do you like to sleep in during the time that normal girls alot to beautifying their exterior beyond recognition? if you answered yes to all these questions, then your name might be Kylie.

I have a theory as to why I am unrecognizable. it goes kind of like this: On Sunday, I am magically altered, as in, the molecular integrity of my being becomes exalted. Photons of light literally aspire to be like me, and so, they embrace me and that is how I exude light and a heavenly glow.


by Monday, these photons are so exhausted from trying to be like me that they demand the day off and therefor, I lose my glow and my true, unadorned form is revealed. Then I go to organic chemistry at 7:30 in the morning, and I die a spiritual death so that the photons flee from my presence and in my lost and degraded state, I look like this. eff you organic chemistry.
(please refer to picture below)


  1. dear kylie. there are no words for how much I love this post. you are probably the coolest person I know. I seriously need to read your blog more often.

  2. The "a bad case of the Mondays" might be the coolest MS Paint picture I have ever seen.

  3. HAHAHAHAHAHA. This is why we are friends. But as the person who sleeps in my room, you scare me.


  4. Derek Bradshaw [died laughing]
    How do you keep out-doing yourself like this!?
    This post is in full awesomeness, I think my computer drained just displaying it.
    Enjoy your particle physics on the weekends, thug scientists, and even the Nerd aspiration of dominating the laws of nature.

    ...oh and KEEP POSTING!!!