Thursday, August 11, 2011


It all started with a single rabbit.
Her name was Truffle. of Truffle-lumpagus. Or Bitch bunny from Hell~ depending on her mood.... and mine.

But Truffle was an only only bunny.....

So I, with my infinite wisdom, decided she needed a friend.

I ended up coming home with 4.........
Truffle, Tobias (aka Toby) and the twins: Basil and Aspen.
The twins look like toasted marshmallows. The main reason that Aspen got her name was so that I could shorten her name to the first two letters. She really is a little a$$.
I love them, and now there are BUNNIES EVERYWHERE.

Bunnies are the best pets ever. They are so small, there is no way that when they look at you, they are thinking "ya, I'm totally going to eat you." In fact, their field of vision is probably very similar to the one depicted above. Besides, if a bunny makes you angry~ it is socially acceptable to eat them and turn them into slippers.

My bunnies? they eat hay. and carrots. and little mass produced rabbit pellets that they feed stores tell me is good for them. They don't look at me like I am a giant piece of steak like my next door neighbor.

I really don't understand the logic of people who want pets that want to eat them.

I feel like if I had a conversation with one of those people the dialog would be along the lines of this:

them: "My giant cat from a foreign country that has malaria loves me so much, so does my 30 foot long boa constrictor that I had smuggled out of Africa."
Me:"........... what kind of cat is that?"
them: "Oh don't worry, it's just a large carnivorous jungle cat I had smuggled out of Zimbabwe~ but can't you tell she loves me."
Me: "yes..... I can tell she would love to eat you, and why is your snake stretched out perfectly still next to you?"
them: "He loves to snuggle."
Me: "Actually, in my animal physiology class we learned that means they are sizing you up to see if they are big enough to ingest you...."
......awkward silence......

Then one day the scenario depicted below will come to pass and said individual will become another tragedy on Channel 10 news of a pet owner who was viciously killed by exotic pets.

The moral of this blog, is that you should stay away from Tigers, unless you happen to go to Thailand and you can take touristy pictures with one and post it on Facebook, because that is all the rage right now in the networking community.

Save your life. buy a bunny.