Monday, September 27, 2010

Chunky monkey.

This is my paper. for me. I decided it would be exciting if I gave myself a deadline and wrote for myself. My fabulous roommate, Chelsea, picked the topic: An Ode to Chunky Monkey.

Dearest Chunky Monkey. How odd that I should love you. I was never keen on banana nor dark fudge chunks, but the medley of these two combined proves irresistible to me. there is ice cream, and then there is you, my sweet, sweet, chunkyM. Sometimes, I wonder if you could possibly love me, but then I realize that it must be so, for how else could I consume 390 calories per a serving and eat all 4 servings in one sitting and feel at ease with myself? It was meant to be.
You have seen me through so much.... All those no-makeup mondays, t-shirt tuesdays, worndown wednesdays, thrownon thursdays, and frumpy fridays; not to mention the savage saturdays and the saddened sabbaths. I've told you all about those boys... the ones who didn't turn out to be real men and the ones I've appreciated. I've whispered to you my aspirations, and murmured my dreams in hushed tones. I've cried to you. Sometimes that thought makes me guilty... you usually only experience my presence when some great calamity has befallen me. it seems like the chemistry of our relationship only works out that way. All I know, is that there are many nights in our future ahead. girl talk, movie night, my own rendition of the trail of tears (to my bedroom from the kitchen), and pure decadence. I love you.